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6 evil foods You should avoid in Cambodia


Cambodia is a beautiful country to visit the historical monuments, the beautiful temples, and the stone faces make Cambodia a unique travel destination. However, with all the beaches and aesthetic looking temples, there is always rumors about the harm street food can do to you.

Cambodia has a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes and foods that are delicious and tasty, but also some foods need to be avoided to stay safe and healthy.

Many tourists have complained about diarrhea and upset tummies. So we have collected a list of six evil foods that you should avoid while traveling around in Cambodia.

Six bad food you should avoid:

1. Raw fruits and salads

You might be wondering how fresh fruits and salads can be evil? But the truth is that anything that has been washed with tap water must be avoided. Tap water in Cambodia is not potable, and it usually carries bacteria or disease causing germs.

In CambodiaWater-borne diseases such as typhoid, Hepatitis B is prevalent, so unless you have purified water with you and you wash the raw fruits, salads yourself do not eat them.

2. Raw meat and seafood

Raw meat is quite popular among seafood and meat eaters. Raw beef salads and other such dishes must be avoided as it can cause an upset stomach.

Prawn Spring Rolls usually have dried or raw prawns, and if you are not accustomed to it, you might end up with an upset tummy.

3. Soups and Broth sprinkled with MSG

Although the soups and broths are tasty and have an aromatic smell, it is often necessary that you watch how much MSG is being sprinkled into your soups.

Monosodium Glutamate is a form of amino acid that enhances the taste of your food. It occurs naturally in many trees, it is often used in Soups and meaty dishes.

Many doctors and administrative departments have warned people of using it in high quantities. It can cause headaches and discomfort.

4. Exotic Meats

It is common in many countries to hunt and eat exotic animals such as Deer, Snakes, Sharks and many other rare animals. Most of these rare animals are on the endangered list of various Governments. Tourist guides and agents usually take tourists on illegal hunting trips. It is always recommended to stay safe and never break the law.

5. Snake blood

Drinking of snake blood was popularized by television shows such as Man Vs Wild and many people think of trying it when they arrive in Cambodia. Snake blood will not cause any severe damage to you, but if not handled properly it might be contaminated and cause allergies and infections.

6. Venom

Tourists are often tempted and want to try snake venom as a recreational drug, but it is not safe. Animal venom can cause severe damage to your body. The animal venom causes paralysis, blindness, inflammation and even death.


Cambodia is a beautiful country and the best way to enjoy its beauty and tradition is to play safe and soak in nature.

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