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How I found love while travelling to Myanmar


When I signed up for a tour to Myanmar I knew I was going to see some spectacular views. I had seen pictures of Bagan and I couldn’t wait to see this mystic place with my two eyes. I didn’t know I would see a fair lady as well.

My holiday started as expected, with Bagan as the first spot. As our guide led us to the Ananda Temple I knew this tour was worth it. It was after a week of sightseeing when we headed to Inle Lake that hard luck hit me.


During a visit to one of the stilt villages that dot the lake, I started feeling weak. I was rushed to a nearby hospital by a narrow boat with a noisy motor. This served to make me sicker and I must have passed out because the next thing I remember is waking up in a bed.

It seems that my adventurous eating led to a severe typhoid infection. I was feeble for the next few days and the doctor recommended bed rest. I wanted to protest, after all my leave was ending in a week but I had no choice.

The twist

It was when I called my parents back in Calgary to tell them how I was faring that things took an unexpected turn. My dad had served in the army with a man named Finch who now ran a small tour company in Rangoon. Dad called Finch who came to see me.

He came with a stunning young lady named Alia who I deduced to be his daughter .They refused to leave me unattended. Together they took turns, watching me for two days while I recovered.

The opportunity

When I was discharged from hospital I had two days of my leave left, but I had taken a liking to Alia. I offered to take Alia and her father to Ngapali as a token of gratitude but he was busy working and allowed Alia and her smaller sister Eve to go with me.

It was during those hours at the beach as we exchanged stories with Alia that I knew my trip was more than a tour. I told her that the tour was too short and she agreed. Three months later I was in Myanmar to marry her.

I love Myanmar

When I remember how I found love in Myanmar I can’t help but think of the Mohinga dish that led to my typhoid infection. Apparently the water in that food stall was not clean.

Suffice to say, we fly to Myanmar with my wife twice a year to visit my father in law and eat Mohinga. I have not been infected with typhoid since that tour.

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