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From Author

Hi over there am glad you have clicked and landed to my blog.But let me begin by introducing myself.

From Author

I am Cadell Franz, born and raised in United States of America. I was born in 2nd May, 1990 and am 27 years old.

I pursued Mechanical Engineering in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but since my childhood I had passion for traveling and adventure leading to My Travel blog.

Am a person with a smiley face, social and having great passion for traveling from one country to another.Actually I have traveled to 30 nations where most of them are in Asia and Africa.

My blog majorly focuses on the best places in the world that you can tour and have fun mostly for couples and dating lovebirds. I do also give up to date charges that you will incur as well as the requirements needed for packaging.

You can get me in touch through an email for more information.

Thank you!