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Requirements for eTA visa to India


In India, tourism is growing and deepening diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Online-ETA (Online Electronic Travel Authority) is working diligently to facilitate US citizens in respect of Online eTV (Online Electronic Tourist Visa) facility.

Keeping visitor’s needs and requirements in mind, Online eTV facility has been started to simplify things regarding Visa process and give hassle free facility within time. US citizens can apply for Online eTV facility through internet and travel to India after satisfying the eligibility criteria. An Online eTV eligible Passport is needed.

The facility will encourage the US citizens and closely interlinked with tourism development in India, which will foster increased demand and generate economic development, job creation and international understanding.

An Visa is given to the people who wish to visit India for short holidays, tourism, recreation, business trips, and informal studies or training, but not more than 30 days and essential to apply four days in advance before you arrive in the country. The facility is reliable, quick, user friendly and issued in less time.

Eligibility for ETA visa to India

The criteria for eligibility to an ETA visa to India are given on the official webpage of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. It states a few easy and simple criteria as guidelines for tourists seeking India ETA visa from Australia. At the first place is the cause of the visit. It must be for sightseeing, recreation or visit to relatives and friends.

It can also be for short term medical treatments and casual business visits used often for recce. But it is not open for diplomatic passport holders or for people endorsed by parent’s or spouse’s passport. The latter simply means that one has to have an individual separate passport for availing this facility.

Moreover, there are a few other important points too! One is that the passport must have at least six more months to expire from the date of arrival in India.

The India ETA visa requirements for Australia also asks for a copy of the return or onward journey plus and a proof of the individual having enough money for stay during the duration in India. For the latter, a consolidated bank statement of the person for the last few months may be required!In any case, a person from Australia seeking Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa can get the needful done at the shortest possible time, provided s/he confirms to all of the above mentioned visa India requirements for Australia.

Advantages of ETA Visa

The biggest advantage is ETA visa is that it is fast and gets you out of the long queues that one has to stand for in the Indian Missions for regular visas. Australia is among those countries that enjoy visa on arrival facility for India ETA visa from Australia.

The ETA visa to India is valid only for nine of its international airports- Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Goa and Kochi. One must apply at least four days in advance from the date of arrival with a window of up to 30 days. A passport size good quality photo is mandatory for application, along with the nominal visa fees paid.

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