What to Expect When You Travel to Kibwezu

Your first trip to Kibwezi in Kenya will definitely burn a significant amount of gas. Most gas estimates begin from Kitui, Kenya’s capital city and end at Kibwezi, Kenya’s major town. Following the trail of the Volcanoes, the journey takes you through Wote River and eventually to the Ngorongoro Crater. The trail continues to Mahale Mountains and includes a visit to the worlds highest saltwater lake, which is the world’s third largest. The lake is also home to some of Africa’s endangered wildebeests.

Trip to Kibwezi

The next leg of your journey to kibwezu starts in the town of Nairobi. At Nairobi’s Halle’s Farm you will find one of the many coffee bushes that have been planted by the Conservation Association International. Coffee growing in the region has been strictly monitored to preserve the native species that are indigenous to this area. As you learn about the history and how coffee got to Kenya, try your hand at roasting your own coffee beans and drink Kiberi tea in addition to the traditional brew of colas.

After visiting Nairobi, take your car rental to Kilifi. Kilifi is known as one of the fastest developing cities in Kenya and is home to over half a million people who live in makeshift camps. You can visit many historical sites in town, including the remains of ancient Nairobi pyramids and an amphitheater built during the British rule in the late 1800s. Travel north up to Mombasa and continue on foot along the coastal plain to the Samburu National park.

At Samburu, you will want to take a dip in the lake that separates the two countries. The lake has provided housing for the people of both countries for many years, but it is also a reserve that has strict regulations on visitors and hunters entering the park. The Samburu park is also famous for its large crocodile and hippo populations. While you are here, be sure to check out the ‘Big 5’ or ‘Mountain Gorillas’ before continuing on to Kibwezu and beyond.

For many tourists, taking a trip to Kenya is just not complete without a little shopping and entertainment in the form of game viewing safaris, dancing in open bars, and other cultural activities. When traveling through Mombasa, Kenya, you will find yourself being treated like royalty as you tour the various landmarks and museums. Visit the Watamu Market and sample local crafts before enjoying the local food and beverages. If you are looking to purchase something a little more expensive, consider shopping in town and trying some of the fine items on display there.

Travel to Kibwezu, Kenya will definitely bring you close to nature and allow you to enjoy some amazing wildlife. This beautiful part of Kenya boasts some of the finest game reserves in the world. However, with all the different aspects of tourism can sometimes become overwhelming for travelers. When planning your trip to Kenya, make sure that you consider the things that you would like to do as well as the experiences that you would prefer to have. As with any African country, there are many historical sites to see and wonderful food to eat. By planning your trip properly, you should be able to spend your trip in Kibwezu, Kenya in the most enjoyable manner possible.