Travel to Honduras – Beautiful Homes and Forests

Honduras is by no means the first country folks consider when planning a trip to Central America, making it an excellent candidate for backpackers who enjoy off the beaten path travel opportunities. But just like with any other unfortunate country, Honduras presents its share of hidden gems when it comes to first world travel. If you are like most backpackers, you have likely already passed up many of the popular Central American destinations like San Miguel de Allende and Honduras City, due to lack of affordable travel opportunities or poor facilities. However, all is not lost!

Travel to Honduras

One of the hidden gems in Central America is the triumvirate of ruinas: Honduras, Santa Fe, and Vera Cruz. While most travelers rarely spend more than a day in these three cities (if they even spend time at all), they are perfect destinations for the backpacker who wants to see the hidden ruins of Central America. The ruins of Cortez, in Mexico, and Honduras’ Montezuma, offer the most amazing ruins around. While there, you can also visit the cloud forest of Morrocan, one of the last standing tropical rain forests in Central America and the home of the San Miguel tree, the world’s tallest tree. The lush cloud forest offers amazing nightlife, hiking, and caving, and is also home to some of Honduras’ most endangered birds.

In addition to the ruins of the past, there are beautiful beaches, beautiful jungles, and incredible colonial architecture in Honduras and neighboring western Honduras and Puerto Rico. There are also beautiful islands in the Caribbean such as Manzanillo, Cayes, and Corozol. There are also gorgeous bay islands such as La Cungca and Riviera Nayarit. These are perfect places for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, or just relaxing on your own and enjoying the sun while basking in the warm sunlight.

Puerto Rico and its surrounding area in Honduras are known as La Cungca has some of the most incredible ruins around. One of the most popular is San Pedro Sula, which is Honduras’ most important ruin site. San Pedro Sula consists of an enormous ruin called Sun Temple which sits perched upon a cliff overlooking what used to be the town of San Pedro. There are also the ruins of the old capital of the Tehuacatlave, known as the ‘Puerto Sacate’, a place where Christians used to gather for services before heading into San Pedro Sula for services. Just north of Puerto Sacate, you will find the stunning Paseo de las Teques (parish church), with stunning views of the town of San Pedro Sula.

The National Park is the other fascinating ruin site within Honduras. Situated within the boundaries of the San Juan basin, this national park offers an exciting trek for those who love nature and adventure. The landscapes are extremely diverse; from large hills and mountains covered in pine and palm trees to lush tropical forests, with creatures such as monkeys and sloths roaming freely within their natural habitat.

As Central America is a location with a wide variety of scenery, visitors often find themselves drawn to the region’s most famous attractions. If your travel plans include Central America or the Caribbean, then your visit to the nation of Honduras should include a stop in Comayagua. The nation has a tropical climate with warm, dry summers and mild wet winters. Travel to Honduras and enjoy the many wonders that await you. Travel to Honduras and stay at one of the many beautiful hotels located throughout the country.