Pleases in Rajasthan

One of the most photographed tourist destinations in India is Rajkot. It is renowned for its beautiful temples, forts and palaces, lakes and forests, and for the charming locals. The trip to Rajkot can be an unforgettable experience if you choose to explore it during the winter months. Most of the tourists visit Rajkot during summers and visit the temples and forts during winters. In order to enjoy the city during all seasons, the best time to travel to Rajkot is between September-March.

Pleaces in Rajkot

If you visit during these months, you will have a more pleasant Rajkot experience as the climate is very pleasant. The popular hill stations of Rajasthan such as Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa and Ajmer are a few hours away from Rajkot by car or train and thus are ideal for spending some pleasant time with your loved ones. The major cities of Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Udaipur are closer to Rajkot and hence it is advisable to travel there during summers. These cities have plenty to offer and no tourist ever tired of exploring them.

The best way to travel to the enchanting and cheerful city is through a temple tour. A temple tour is one of the most enjoyable ways of traveling to Rajkot and is a great experience to cherish for a lifetime. One of the most preferred activities during a temple tour in Rajasthan is enjoying the sightseeing of the various temples spread across the city.

There are many temples that are located near the city of Rajkot. Some of the popular temples include Lord Brahma Temple at Tirupati, Sarvangala Temple at Chittorgarh, Golden temple at Udayin, Pushkar ji Temple at Pushkar, Gayatri Temple at Gayatri, Kalkaji Temple at Kalkaji, and Jain Temples at Amarnath, Anand Sagar, and Vrindavan. The best part about these temples is that they are unique and never get similar models anywhere else in the world. They are built as per the requirements and tastes of their devotees. Hence, it is always a good idea to enjoy a temple tour during your stay in Rajasthan.

However, a temple tour is not the only reason to visit the city. Rajasthan is also known for its unique culture that has survived till date. One can enjoy horse safaris, elephant rides, desert safaris, and camel safaris through Rajasthan’s Thar Desert. The state has even become the home of several mythological characters, who are believed to have originated from the state.

Apart from seeing the monuments, one can also enjoy shopping in Rajasthan. The state has emerged as a major tourist hub, thanks to its vibrant nightlife, museums, temples, etc. Being one of the most preferred cities in India for both local and international tourists, it is no wonder that almost all cities in India receive tourist traffic from their respective cities across the country. Hence, a trip to Rajasthan is not a waste of time or money.