Explore the Magical Beauty of Bangalore With a Trip to Davanagere

Trip to Davanagere

Explore the Magical Beauty of Bangalore With a Trip to Davanagere

Newly married couples can now plan their special short trip to Davanagere(Davinagere) for an exclusive honeymoon. If you are a newlywed, the honeymoon should be your dream destination where you can spend some memorable moments with your spouse. For budget-conscious couples, online Clearidays travel program can help you plan your ideal honeymoon trip. It offers plenty of budget-friendly packages that will suit every pocket.

In the southern part of India, at Chandrapur district there is a picturesque temple named after Lord Ganesha. This holy temple is visited by a huge number of devotees on the religious occasion of Diwali. It is believed that Lord Ganesha built this temple with the help of the demon himself. The davanagere is located in the vicinity of the temple. The beauty of this place is enhanced by the lush green surroundings and mesmerizing vistas of the surrounding hills.

At Benne Dosha, on the other side of Karnataka, lies another beautiful temple called Chilka Lake, which was built by the erstwhile rulers. The lake is well known for its beautiful lush plantations and for wild life sanctuary. Tourists from all over India visit this place to pay their homage to Lord Subramanya. At Chilka, tourists can also enjoy some sensational water sports like river cruising, kite flying, paragliding, wind surfing, etc. The enchanting hill stations of Karnataka like Karanjpur, Mysore, etc also deserve equal attention from holiday makers booking budget trip to India.

Also, a few miles from Kanyadaan, there is a temple called Venkatgiri Temples which draws devotees from all over India. This place is famous for its picturesque surrounding and tranquil atmosphere. The beautiful lake and the lovely surrounding provide heavenly feel to the people coming here for worship. The temple is built around a particular bathing ghat known as Benne Dosha.

Apart from the religious importance of any particular temple, many places of worship are also found in plenty in and around Kanyadaan and Benne Dosha as well. Tourists visiting this part of Bangalore will find many brass idols and wooden sculptures of gods and goddesses. Some temples worth visiting include Veli Village (Bangalore), Periyar Nayak Palace, Devikulam Temple, etc. Not to forget, the most fascinating temple of worship in Kanyadaan is the temple of Parashurama, the elephant god. A special day on tour to Bangalore is incomplete without paying at least a visit to these temples.

If you are looking for an ideal trip to explore the wonders and history of the city, you should definitely include a trip to Bangalore with Kanyadaan in your itinerary. You can also make the most out of the many sightseeing options that the city has to offer. For instance, if you happen to visit Devikulam during your stay in Bangalore, you may get to see the spectacular Sunsets from the Velshini Hill. Besides the scenic beauty of the hilltop place, you will also be able to see the splendid architectural features of the city.