Top Reasons to Travel to Imotski – Northeastern Romania

The stunning Adriatic coastline is home to some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean region. This includes Istria, where you can explore the Adriatic coastal area. One of the most popular activities in the region is visiting Istria and Croatia as part of a family holiday. Croatian beaches are among the best in Europe and there are several Croatia beaches suitable for water sports. It is easy to reach Istria and Croatia with ease thanks to direct flights from London to Split or Belgrade.

Take part in the best fishing trip to come up with memories of your time in the Adriatic. Travel to Imotski which is an inland region known for its beautiful scenery and spectacular wine region. Visiting Istria and Croatia on your holidays will provide some of the most spectacular sceneries and panoramas in the Adriatic and are a must for any boater travelling to the Adriatic. Travel to Imotski and take a walking tour around the region to view dramatic views of the surrounding mountains, Blue Hole and other mountain lakes that contribute to the region’s character and charm.

Take part in the best fishing trip to come up with memories of your time in the Adriatic. Travel to Imotski and take a walk round the picturesque lake which is Adriatic’s largest lake and is home to many varieties of aquatic life including crocuses, rainbow trout, sunfish and salmon. Fish and game can be easily found and is a good way to spend a day on a nature trail. Also try the smooth and pong games at the local pub or you could play some golf if you are feeling adventurous!

Get back to nature in se Svije and the surrounding villages. Try the out of doors and take a walk to the village of Marietta. Marietta is home to the beautiful “Svije Old Farm”, an authentic and charming museum that gives an insight into the life of the villagers of Marietta in the nineteenth century. While you are there, you could also try the variety of delicious local food, which ranges from the delicious smoky meat and fish dishes to the rich and thick homemade soup.

If you love to drink wine, try Vuksa Restaurant in the village of Vuksa, one of the few restaurants in the area that still serves traditional venison meat (sausage, veal, shank and liver). This is a restaurant where you will not only taste great food, but you will get the most out of your visit to Imotski. While in town, you might also want to visit some of the other interesting places such as the Zlobecova district where you can find a unique variety of mosaics, sculptures and pottery. Or if you are in the mood to explore history, head to the Zlateba River State Museum to view a rare collection of pipes and other artifacts from the era of Archduke Julius II.

Imotski is not all about hiking and outdoor activities though. The Colombani Coast offers a wide range of opportunities for photo taken enthusiasts. For those who enjoy the outdoors, a visit to the beautiful “Mura Valley National Park” is recommended. The Colombani Coast is surrounded by the beautiful Vodakh manmade lake, the largest on the Indian subcontinent. One of the highlights of the trip is a journey to the town of Radovinovi Jagul, where you will be rewarded with a delightful family picnic followed by the opportunity to take part in a number of exciting activities such as paragliding, trekking, water skiing, golfing and a chance to spot humpback whales and hippos on the waters of the lake.