Top 3 Must Visit Attractions in Vakhsh

Attractions in Vakhsh

Top 3 Must Visit Attractions in Vakhsh

There are many travel attractions in Vakhsh, Tajikistan. These places can be visited during the Tajikistan tours. This place is one of the best destinations that can be visited by both tourists and adventure lovers.

First, let us start with the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. It is a beautiful city that enjoys great weather all round the year. The best time to visit here is from October to March. In summer, there are lots of pleasant events taking place in Dushanbe like on the beach and at the seaside. For those who like shopping, then this place has the unique markets where you can get all kinds of things and anything you want.

If you are a Tajik tourist, then you must include the Pushkar travel agency in your list. This agency arranges tailor made travel packages for those travelers who want to experience the Tajik culture in its true essence. You can make your holiday even more interesting if you add some extra activities like trekking, fishing, horse riding, etc. to your tour. The journey will be a memorable experience for the two of you.

The second best city that you must see on your trip is Shymkent. Shymkent is also known as the pearl city of the Eastern Region because of the number of pearls found here. The city is divided into many districts like Novgorod, Pushkraboda, Kishchek, etc. Tourists can enjoy shopping in this city and they can also learn some cooking techniques in the local restaurants.

If you love wildlife then you must not miss the opportunity to visit the Samtamad forest. The Samtamad is situated in the foothills of the incredible Karakoram Range. In the summer months the region becomes a popular tourist destination. Travelers from all over the world come here for Samtamad tours. So if you too want to explore the beauty of the Samtamad forest then you should make your trip to Vakhsh our travel agency.

The third best city that you should not miss when it comes to Vakhsh is the Shekhawati region. Shekhawati is located in the foothills of the great Himalaya. The mountains here are very picturesque and offer an amazing sight to behold. Tourists can spend their holidays enjoying mountain biking and trekking here. This travel agency also arranges for trekking and mountain climbing. So, if you are looking for an ideal place to spend your vacations then this Vakhsh travel agency is the ideal choice.