Pleaces In Novi – A Historical Tour Of The region of Novi

The capital of Croatia, Split is a delightful place, with lots of contrasting architecture. The historical and cultural center of Croatia, Split is home to some great complexes, beaches and fantastic shopping centers. But Pleaces in Novi is definitely my favorite, with its picturesque seacoast and its lovely little cafe.

Pleaces in Novi Vinodolski

The island of Nova de la Plata, situated on the west coast, is another great destination for holidays. Here you can enjoy the spectacular scenery and plenty of outdoor activities. If you like windsurfing or sailing, this is the place for you! The main settlement of the island, Plaska is only about two hours away by car, so it is easy to get to.

I recommend taking a trip to the Adriatic in summer, preferably from spring through autumn. You will probably be booked up at most of the Croatian hotels by this time, but there are still some beach resorts that remain open. And the prices are reasonable, depending on what you want to do. There are also quite a few ski chalets available to rent as holiday homes.

Trips into the region around the Adriatic are usually starting from the island of Dubrovnik, which is about 45 minutes away by car. From there you can visit the city of Pula, which is the largest city on the island. From Pula you can travel south all the way to the city of Dubrovnik, where you can easily take a trip to the world-famous Castle on the hill. It is worth seeing, even if it does not feel like a real castle.

Finally, from Pula you can take a trip to the Peljesac Peninsula. This region offers magnificent beaches on the northern part of Peljesac Island and there are excellent beaches on the southern part. If you like sailing, you will love the Peljesac coastline. You can even go hiking in some parts. The weather is mild throughout the year, although it can get really cold in the winter months.

For a complete cultural experience, you might also consider taking a trip to Bratislava. Here you will experience the country’s best architecture and the wonderful blend of modern and old architecture. There are many historical sites and monuments to see, as well as some fantastic food to be had while you are there. You can also stay at one of the many fine hotels in Bratislava.