Top Attractions in Aurangabad

The state of Aurangabad is located in the eastern coast of India and is famous for its natural beauty, adventure sports, museums, wildlife sanctuaries and several other tourist attractions. It is a place well popular among tourists from all over the world. One can enjoy a wide range of attractions during his/her visit to this exotic tourist destination.

Attractions in Aurangabad

The biggest attraction in Aurangabad that attracts a large number of travelers and vacationers each year is the Chitra Wildlife Sanctuary. This reserve has a special habitat for various bird species, including the Indian Black-necked Duck and the Neel’s Fishing Owl. The place is very popular among bird lovers and can be visited during any time of the year. During summer season, the place is a popular destination for various beach parties.

Other than the bird sanctuary, the National Marine Park and the Vishwanath temple are some of the other important attractions in Aurangabad. These places are best visited during summer months. Birding is one of the best hobbies of people from all over the country. One can enjoy great times with his/her family members, friends and colleagues while going for a birding trip to this beautiful paradise on earth.

Since Aurangabad has become very popular among international tourists, there has been an increased demand for accommodation near these destinations. Travelers looking for budget accommodation and better accommodation facilities can easily find accommodations in Aurangabad. Travelers looking for more luxurious travel services can easily find suitable accommodations in the cities of Goa, Pune and Mumbai. Tourists can also stay in comfortable homes and resorts owned by tourists based in Aurangabad.

Some of the best attractions in Aurangabad are The Ghat in Old Town, The Mall at Bassein, Dhamala’s Tomb and Shahid Minar. The best time to visit Aurangabad is between May-September. During off-peak season, the tourists have good chances of getting discounts and offers on accommodation and travel services.

A well-developed and modern transport system is available throughout the city. There are various bus operators and taxi services to pick tourist and other guests from their residential areas to the airport and other destinations. The transport network provides easy and affordable travel to and from the airport. Tourists can also book hotel rooms online to take advantage of the discounts offered on airfares and accommodation.

The City has a lot of entertainment options to offer. There are dance schools and musical workshops for kids to learn solo and group dancing. Tourists can also watch belly dancers and magicians perform live at the venues. Bull and dance shows are regularly held at the venues. Kids will find this activity interesting.

The best time to visit this place is between December and April. This is the dry season and the tourist traffic is heavy during this time. Between March and May tourists can find plenty of business opportunities in the local market at the outskirts of the city. In June and July, the tourism business in Aurangabad is busy at its peak. With so many attractions and activities available in the City, it is one of the best places to travel to in India