Travel To Kastav – Enjoy A Memorable Stay

Travel to Kastav, Croatian islands are becoming more popular with tourists who love nature, beaches and Croatia as a travel destination. The place is known as the Venice of the Adriatic. The most renowned beaches of Croatia are listed with five star hotels. There are several Croatia travel destinations like Kastav, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, and Crikvenica. Dubrovnik is the capital city of Croatia, where a large number of tourists visit every year.

Travel to Kastav

The city is a famous tourist destination because of its architectural design which makes it a fine example of seventeenth century architectural structure. There are many interesting and attractive buildings that are found in the city. Some of these include the palace of St. Nicholas that is a World Heritage Site. If a traveler stays at the top most Croatia hotels in Dubrovnik they will definitely enjoy staying at this palace.

Another interesting place to visit in Dubrovnik is Zrienska near Sibenik where there are numerous interesting and attractive buildings that can be seen from the sidewalk. In addition there is the House of Unbesco from where tourists can have an excellent view of the sunset. Kastav is also a popular place for those who want to go diving and snorkeling because of its coral reefs and the deep sea. There are many interesting spots for snorkeling in Kastav. However, if a person does not like the underwater life he can stay in one of the cheap Dubrovnik hotels.

Another good option for staying in the city of Dubrovnik is San Marco beach hotel situated on the beach between the towers of the old fort. This hotel has an outdoor pool and a restaurant that serves food and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another nice hotel is Hotel Crocko where there are twenty-one guestrooms that offer all the facilities. These rooms have air condition and internet connection in case the traveler needs it.

The best time to travel to Kastav is between May and October. This is the best time to visit the city. During summer tourists can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. The hotel which is located just opposite to the beach offers Wi-Fi internet access for its guests. The other hotels in Dubrovnik are Hotel Gregoire, Hotel Sosna, City Center Kostritski and Hotel Belka.

There are several transportation means that are used to travel in Kastav. However if a person wants to enjoy the city of Dubrovnik he must book a package tour that includes a cab or a bus. The cab and bus services are available throughout the day and the tourist can ask his driver to make a special trip for him. Travel to Kastav is made more exciting with a stay in a Kastav apartment.