Pleases in Gualda, Cyprus

Gualda is the second largest town on the island of Cyprus, after Limassol. The beautiful coastline and many interesting sites and sights are to be found here, making it an ideal holiday destination for all travellers. It is not far from the capital city of Nicosia and is easily accessible by car, rail and air. There are some great nightlife and shopping opportunities here. Here are some of the more pleasant places you can visit when you are on holiday in Gualda:

Pleaces in Gialousa

Tour de la Torre is a beautiful beach that runs along the shore for 90 km. This is a challenging but fun race across a finish line of about two miles. As there are two starting locations, it is possible to start before one another and it will give the participants a chance to see the sea and the sunset. As well as this, the beach is protected by life guards and has lovely water views and other attractions. There are shops and restaurants along the coast.

Gualda is the home of the stunning “Zorba” House which is located on the hill of Paphos. This palace was built by the historical poet Homer, whose home was located here and has now been turned into one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. The hotel has beautiful views and offers visitors great amenities such as gym and swimming pool. There is also a restaurant serving special local dishes.

This is a small fishing town near the harbor in Gualda. It has a beautiful beach and lovely restaurants. It has two beaches, one with a long beach going down to the sea and the other one closer to the town with a smaller one. You can go sailing on the trawler trawlers and catch the big fish here.

When on your trip to Cyprus, do take a trip to the Troodos Mountains and admire them from the highlands. It is an adventure and a great holiday experience. The Troodos Mountains have beautiful scenery and it is a good idea to take this part of your trip before you head towards the major towns.

It is one of the best places for a short break. It is not too expensive to stay and you will find many things to do in this small but beautiful town. In fact, if you plan your trip correctly you may even find yourself staying here a few times. It will surely be an experience to remember for a long time.