Travel to Imotsky and Stay in the Best Hotels

If you are looking for a holiday destination that provides an exotic experience, Travel to Imotski! Get the best Imotski Tour Packages from Exploring Tourism, a leading travel agency in Imotski, Croatia. Travel to Imotski in the delightful region of Croatia and visit all the interesting places on your vacation, including the famous Dalmatian coast and its secluded beaches. The coastal region around the island is among the most sought after by outdoor enthusiasts. Discovering the serenity of its beaches, mountains, seashores and other natural attractions will definitely spoil your holiday!

Travel to Imotski

You can also enjoy the variety of sights that Imotsky offers to its visitors. Here, you will find several architectural wonders like the Monastery of St. John the Baptist, St. Peter and St. Nicholas as well as the Town Hall and Museum. If you are visiting during the summer, then you would surely find warm weather conditions in the region of Croatia. The best time to visit is between May and September.

Your Croatia travel package will include a guided biking tour as part of its itinerary. In this trip, you will find lots of interesting stops and you can enjoy staying at the charming Bedrin Valley guest house. This is among the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia and you can even go for hiking, water sports and other outdoor activities. If you are planning to stay near the Dalmatian coastline, then there are several lodging options available to meet all your needs and requirements while enjoying staying at the resort.

Other popular Croatia holiday destinations are the towns of Pula, Cerkno and Zadar. Pula is home to the Zadar castle. It is also the starting point of a cruise along the Dalmatian Coast. This romantic and picturesque stopping point offers the most glorious view of Pula Valley and sea. The Zadar castle is open from April to October and from December to March, it is converted into a summer residence.

Cerkno is home to the second largest Roman Catholic Church in Croatia. The church was constructed in the 8th century and it is visible from the town center. You can also enjoy staying at the summer house operated by the Archdiocese of Dubrovnik. In summer season, the summer house is opened to the public. The spectacular view of the sea from the summer house will certainly make you feel that you have landed in the Middle Ages. During the spring, the arch stands tall on the hill of Cerkno.

There are plenty of exciting activities you can enjoy when you travel to Imotsky. There are many places where you can stay like the delightful towns of Pula and Cerkno as well as the historical and tourist spots in the area. Besides this, the area is well known for its entertainment and shopping mall. The only thing left to do after having a tiring day is relax in your room and enjoy staying in one of these cheap hotels in Imotsky!