Pleaces In Turgutlu – A Rich Tradition

Places in Turgutlu are a unique kind of attraction in itself. What exactly is a Pleace? It is described as a narrow strip along which water flows; a mountain or a valley. The word Pleaces in Turgutlu literally means “a valley in a mountain”.

Pleaces in Turgutlu

Turgutlu is a town and district located in Manisa Province of Turkey. As defined by the Turkish Government, Turgutlu is located on the municipality of Fethiye in Marmaris province. According to the 2021 census, the district population is 140,673; 115,030 live there in the whole city. The entire city covers an area of 4oyles at an average height of 68 meters. This falls on the slope of the district, where Marmaris meets Istikcan.

In the beginning, Turgutlu was a small city that was populated by Sorbs. It gradually became a market town and an administrative center for the region. The most popular place in Turgutlu is probably the Bekdilada beach, with its white sandy beach and surrounding pine trees. One can find beautiful bars and restaurants there. There is also the Dolamiti Beach, where one can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the sea.

Nowadays, Turgutlu is also a great place to go for camping and hiking trips. You will get the feel of how the people of this region lived long time ago by staying at the many rustic cabins dotted around. In fact, most of these cabins are old and yet in very good condition. A Turgutlu vacation is certainly worth spending, especially if you go for this unique destination. If you don’t like spending too much time in Turgutlu, then you should try the other small Greek Islands such as Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

A day trip from Turgutlu would be to the little island of Kos. Here you can see remnants of the ancient architecture of Kos and the lovely sandy beaches of Santorini, Greece. The island has a beautiful lagoon surrounded by forested mountains. The scenery is very picturesque and it has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. This is one of the most popular places in Greece that is visited by many tourists.

The island of Kos is only a couple of hours away by car from Turgutlu. If you are planning a trip to the Greek Islands, then make sure that you include this beautiful and vibrant island in your itinerary. Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of accommodation options available in Turgutlu. Most of the hotels provide self-catering facilities. There are a number of friendly bars and restaurants where you can relax during your stay in Turgutlu.