A Trip to Kansas City in July

Travel to Kansas City and you will find a diverse population. A central part of Kansas City’s charm is its amazing collection of historic landmarks. You can see plantations and chateaus dating back to the 1800s along with grand architecture and art. The Art Deco District is one of the city’s most distinctive features with an eclectic mix of modern and antique architecture.

Travel to Kansas City

Kansas City is the home of the American Museum of Natural History, one of the largest natural history museums in the country. The world’s largest collection of fossil and fossilized bones can be found here. This is the perfect place to take a fossil collection vacation. In July visitors will also be able to attend the annual Paleo Fest. This is a three day event with free live music, exhibits, and lectures by local scientists. The event also includes family fun activities and hands on demonstrations by paleontologists, archeologists, and other specialists.

Another hot spot for tourists visiting Kansas City is its f. wrap district. The area was once occupied by wagon traders. Today, it is filled with shops and restaurants featuring everything from western wear to Native American pottery. During the late summer months there are festivals and celebrations to attend. One such celebration is the “Furball Fiesta” held every Friday evening starting at 7 p.m. near the Kansas City International Airport and running for a total of seven hours.

Getting Around Kansas City can be difficult due to the very dense population. But if you’re able to get around on foot, you won’t have to worry about being lost. One of the best ways to go around is to take the public transit system, which serves most of the metropolitan area. If you prefer to go by yourself, you can ask the bus routes or reserve a parking space at one of the lots around the Kansas city international airport.

To save money on your trip to Kansas City, you should check out flight costs before heading to the airport. Many airlines offer flight rates at discounted prices during off seasons. To get the best deals on air fare, make your flight arrangements well in advance of your planned trip. To save even more money, consider buying your tickets at the airport parking lot instead of going to the regular ticket office.

Getting around the city is made easier with buses, taxis, and other public transportation. But if you really want to save time, you should consider taking the monorail to explore the entire metropolitan area. The monorail runs all throughout Kansas city and it passes through several interesting landmarks including the popular Monuments. So for a unique experience, plan a trip to Kansas city during July!