Things to Do in Le Havre – A Holiday Review

Pleaces in Le Havre

Things to Do in Le Havre – A Holiday Review

Travelling to the French Riviera you will arrive at the world famous Le Havre. The city center of Le Havre is considered as one of the most beautiful and charming tourist destinations in Europe. Travel by car from any part of France to reach this historic city center. The best way to reach this place is with the help of public transport or cycling. You can also take a train from any major city to reach here.

The magnificent historic city of Le Havre is a very important tourist destination in Europe. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. A major attraction of this place is its picturesque landscapes which are the result of the cliffs and small islands that form the major part of the coastline of the Havelis. This cliffs offer an ideal location for water sports like sailing, windsurfing and other activities.

The other major attractions of this region are the Pays de la Loire, which is a very beautiful region near the town of Le Havre; the Pays d’encre, which is the largest bay of the region; and the Chateauneuf-en-Pontoiseau, which are the largest sandstone beach in Europe. Another attraction worth visiting in this region is the famous Amboise plantations which are situated on the beach of Le Havre. Tourists can spend some wonderful time exploring the nature of these plantations. The excellent weather conditions make the tourist attractions of Le Havre the top tourist attractions in France.

Traveling through the old towns of this region, you will get a feel of the old age architecture and life of this place. At every turn you will see a little piece of history. The St Dominique Church, the Chauvet Museum, and the Mont Saint Michel Cathedral all give a glimpse of the rich past history of Le Havre. The Wulff Glacier and the Icebergs of the Seine River, the Loire Valley and the Loire Lake are also worth visiting sites that depict the influence of the ancient Germanic settlement.

The French Riviera as it is known today is not just an idyllic holiday destination but it is the best place for a luxurious holiday where you can spend plenty of money without feeling that you are suffocating under the weight of heavy finance. The French Riviera has something for everyone. You can go for a sun bath while you sip on some champagne; you can have a dinner at a fancy hotel or even snorkeling in the sea. There are many luxury resorts in the area and most of them are within a few hours to reach from the French capital. The excellent transport facilities and the superb cuisine make travelling to the French Riviera for an enjoyable experience.

If things get a little hectic and you want to spend some time at the beach then there is no better idea than taking a walk in the Seine River. Le Havre is known for its beautiful buildings and some of these structures are hundreds of years old. The city has been described as an example of classic city design and the unique use of architectural detail. With so much to see and do in this picturesque part of southern France the places in Le Havre are a must see if you come to France.