What Is The Most Popular Attractions In Ordu?

If you’re planning a trip to Turkey with your family and are looking for some fun and exciting places to visit, consider some of the exciting attractions in Ordu. Boztepe is the second largest city in the province of Fethiye and is considered to be the cultural and historical heart of the province. As you look up into the sky above Boztepe from the top of Mount Boztepe at about 580 meters, the only visible thing is the town above you and the mountains in the background. The most exciting part of Boztepe is that you can get there by cable car from the airport. After reaching the base of the mountain, you’ll experience the most adventurous trekking and climbing imaginable. This trek is called Tuamira and involves crossing a suspension bridge over water that you will then walk upon for about two hours before reaching the other side of the mountain.

Attractions in Ordu

Other attractions in Ordu include the Blue Mosque and the Temple of God Save the Wolf. You can also try the exciting bungee jumping attraction at nearby Ertogrulgazi Waterfall where you’ll jump into a black hole which then quickly retreats to reveal a cavern of light and a platform where you’ll be dropped into the river below. It’s a wonderful experience. The other popular cable car attraction in Ordu is Dogan Gashi, which boasts a tramway ride that takes you through a magnificent forest to a beautiful lookout point at the edge of the mountains.

Ordu holidays are perfect for families with small children because there are plenty of attractions for them to enjoy. One of the most popular attractions in Ordu is the Blue Mosque, which offers a guided tour of the area, including a visit to the stone carved Tomb of the Conqueror. A cable car tour allows you to explore the many temples and cathedrals. If your kids are not quite as excited about exploring as the others, you can take a boat tour that will take you on a nine-leg journey across the lake to Pangani, one of the most sacred spots in Ordu.

Once you have experienced the beauty of Ordu and completed your cable car tour, you might want to take a day trip to Munnar. Munnar is a beautiful hill station that offers some of the finest tea gardens in India. You’ll also find some of the country’s best wildlife attractions there. You can go on a Jeep safari with your family or go on an elephant ride. Munnar also has many boutiques and antique shops where you can buy souvenirs for your trip.

Another great way to enjoy your Ordu holidays is to take a cable or walk in avant-garde cultural tour. These tours usually last around three days and involve walking from temple to temple while experiencing the local culture of the people. They also include learning about the Ordu temples and the traditional rituals of the locals. This cultural experience is something that not many people get the chance to have. It is a must for anyone who takes part in visiting Ordu.

There are many other attractions in Ordu that are worth visiting. The cable cars are great fun and they are very refreshing after a long day of sightseeing. The food is also very tasty and satisfying. No visit to Ordu would be complete without a stop at Kecak Hotel Ordu. You will feel like home away from home when you stay at this lovely hotel.