Doctor Who – Trip to Xeros, part 3

The third episode of the award winning British sitcom Trip to Xeros is due to be aired on Tuesday the 4th of April. I’m sure that my personal favourite of the three is going to be Charlie Chaplain’s character, ‘We Have Always Been Here’. He takes a more patriotic view of things and is constantly questioning the activities of his superiors and the actions of his troops in battle. It’s an emotional watch as the show deals with some rather sensitive topics in a way that doesn’t ever let them get too sacrosanct. It’s one of the better dramas on our cable TV and it does its job.

Trip to Xeros

In the opening minutes we are introduced to Dr. John Carter (Marcus Ardington), a British Army surgeon serving with the 8th Armoured Division. He has just completed a month’s tour of duty in Afghanistan and is just beginning to settle back into his new life in Cyprus. John is searching for the most important item in his possession – an old phonograph box that his father invented during World War II. A top secret British Air Drop Sites’ code was hidden inside and now it is code locked. The whole story sounds more like a spy film than a television show but it’s true.

John is soon joined by his friend and fellow medic, Will ‘Box’ Smith (Aaron Ruell). Both men soon discover that they have important information on the German war effort which will change the course of World War II. This is Trip to Xeros in a nutshell…It’s the kind of drama you would expect from a ‘Bourne’ movie and more. You could also make the argument that the characters in this show are a product of their times (the 1960s) and this aspect of the programme adds a touch of reality to the characters we come across.

So we have three ex-Nazi scientists (plus one time travelling spaceman) who are trying to solve the mystery of a space ship that landed on this strange planet. They stumble upon a planet where almost everyone has blue skin, everyone is basically a robot, and the people on this planet are locked in a struggle for power. The planet is called Tardis and the strange blue colour the humans on the planet are have been taken from the mythical planetoids there.

In order to investigate the situation, the Doctor (aciesomeness again) decides to enter the Tardis and see if the interior is normal. He unearths a pile of rusty metal mesh concealed in the interior. Inside, he discovers that the interior is pressurised and that the ship’s ventilation system has collapsed. This is enough to totally spook the Doctor. He is about to call the Doctor to his laboratory to find out what he has found when he realises that the Doctor is on another planet and is going to need a little more time.

The Doctor makes his way through the ship, fighting some Cybermen before he reaches the control room. He realises that the reason the ship has crashed onto the planet is that the ship’s deflectors have been sabotaged. The Doctor uses the deflectors to redirect the energy into itself, thus allowing the Tardis to fly away from the exploding planet. The Doctor then realises that he must find and take back the remaining Cybermen to continue their mission…