Pleases In Pattaya – 5 Best Hotels To Stay

There are many wonderful things to see and experience in Thailand. Bangkok, the capital city is absolutely beautiful and is also home to many fascinating temples and monuments. Pattaya is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and it offers a wide variety of hotels for your accommodation while you enjoy your stay here. Many of these hotels are located in areas that are nearby or even right next to the beach resorts. When it comes to choosing a hotel in Pattaya that you can stay at during your trip, there are many options to choose from and here are some of them:

Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel: The Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel in Pattaya is conveniently located just a few steps away from the beach and is one of the most famous hotels in the Pattaya City. This hotel offers excellent accommodation facilities and all the modern amenities that you need to enjoy your stay here. The lobby offers an exquisite view of the beauty of the island as well as the bay and the view from your room window is simply breathtaking. There are many restaurants in the area and the restauranteur who dine here will definitely have something to smile about!

Leela Suan Keab Lounge: This Leela Suan Keab Lounge is also located near the beach and is easily accessible. You can also walk to the nearby shopping malls and the Suan Keab Lounge is the perfect location to relax during your stay in Pattaya. This is a great hotel that offers great views of the beach and its surroundings and if you enjoy eating good food, the quality of the food will be superb as well. The hotel is also known for having an extensive collection of excellent lounge furniture which you can use to relax after a long day of sightseeing or shopping in the nearby areas.

Siam Hotel: This hotel is situated just a few blocks away from the heart of Pattaya and is yet another highly popular choice among tourists. Many of the tourists who travel to Pattaya will stay at this hotel and there are many who claim that it is one of the best hotels on the island. This is a great establishment that has many rooms available and the quality of the decor is also very good. Other than this, there are many other good hotels and resorts in Pattaya that offer a great stay at very competitive rates. If you love to stay at hotels and want to experience a relaxed and pleasurable stay, then this is the hotel to go for.

Khao Suk Road Beach Hotel: This is a great choice for a couple or a family because this hotel provides facilities and amenities for all types of tourists. There are many activities that you can enjoy such as trekking and biking and this is also a good place to eat if you wish. The room services are very good at this hotel and the quality of the food and service is also above average. If you are looking for a romantic getaway and are looking for a spa retreat, then this is definitely a place you should check out.

The Royal Grand Hotel: This hotel is located in an area very close to the famous Patpong ping-pong area. This hotel has a lot of good quality facilities and the cost of the room is also reasonable. There are many activities that you can enjoy at this hotel such as trekking, tennis, golf and many more. Some of the best facilities are located at the beach front of the hotel and this is definitely a place you should visit. There are many hotels in Pattaya and this will ensure that you have a great stay and experience everything that Pattaya has to offer and you will be amazed by the quality and services provided by these hotels.