A Brief Guide to Travel to Kastav

A summer trip to Kastav, Croatian islands is ideal for both summer and winter tourists. Croatia is situated on the Adriatic sea, making access to the islands easy during summer. The Croatian islands are popular among families due to their picturesque landscapes, vibrant arts and crafts, and architectural wonders. Many international visitors come to Croatia to explore the historical sites as well as enjoy the beaches and relax in the natural beauty.

Travel to Kastav

Overall travel experience by season Traveling by air is the better choice in most cases, especially when there is little to do at a holiday park or other destination, and domestic airports nearby. Domestic airports in Kastav, Croatia have an approximate yearly target of half a million passengers. Average temperatures during summer vary significantly from those experienced in other countries. With a high chance of heavy rain or snow during most of the season, domestic airports in Kastav are still nice, with the exception of some remote mountain regions, that can be quite freezing during the winter months. There are three major airports in Kastav, all offering comfortable services to and from the main tourist centers.

Travel by road One of the best ways to get around Kastav, Croatia, is to drive. The landscape is hilly with a lot of unpaved, rough and rocky surfaces. Because of this, driving in Croatia is a challenge, and drivers should be prepared for plenty of hills and curves. Croatia has two major highways, the Velikavelo (also known as route 1) and the Golden Hornet roads. The Velikavelo is the longer road, and it takes twice as long to reach the destinations as the Golden Hornet.

Road travel to Kastav is also possible via train. The railway network is excellent, and there are regular trains to and from the main towns and cities. Travelers interested in staying closer to the airport can use the regional rail service to get to the airport and then take a taxi to reach the final destination. The railway system offers excellent connections to the rest of the Croatian region.

Travel by air One of the most convenient ways to travel to Kastav, Croatia is via air. There are direct flights to Kastav every day, and there are also low-cost airlines that fly to several small regional airports. Traveling via air to Kastav is a convenient option for many people, especially if they are going on a short trip, or if they don’t have much time to spend in the city.

Hiring a car For travelers who want to avoid the crowded, noisy streets of Kastav, Croatia, and who want to get to their destination faster, a rental car may be the best option. There are plenty of car hire companies in Rijeka that offer reliable cars with excellent customer service. Before hiring a car, however, it is important to check the traffic laws and regulations in your destination city. Some roads in and around Rijeka are prohibited for driving on during the summer months, and it is important to be aware of these laws before you travel to Croatia. It is also important to make sure that the company offering you the car hire has insurance cover in case anything happens while driving. It is also wise to confirm that the driver will speak English perfectly.