Travel to Honduras – A Beautiful & Secure Trip

Honduras is not the first place many people think of when intending a trip to Central America, making it an ideal candidate for backpackers that love off the beaten track travel experiences. Unfortunately, all too many backpackers travel on the popular Central America road gringo trail and completely overlook Honduras. In their minds (and the realities of their travel budgets), they have already explored the “safe and shiny” side of Central America – the tourist hot spots and tourist attractions and have figured that they can spend lots of money without going into any real danger.

Travel to Honduras

This is a dangerous assumption. Honduras has been invaded again by drug trafficking organizations in recent years. The government is weak and divided, and its ability to fight off foreign threats has been quite low. If you are traveling to Central America or anywhere else in the vast sweep of Latin America and you intend to go into the drug trade, be very careful!

Honduras is very much a poor country. It is full of crime, and a majority of its citizens live in poverty. It is a country where the drug lords are running rampant – selling all kinds of drugs from crystal meth to marijuana to heroin and everything in between! Don’t let this mis-perception fool you; Honduras is not a paradise, and no, I’m not saying that about the drinking water either – it’s just not a particularly nice place to take a shower after a day on the streets.

However, Honduras is a great choice for a one-week trip through Central America – it is a safe, relatively easy destination, fairly peaceful, and home to some amazing wildlife. There are lots of nature parks to visit in the north, including theillerpa national park and the Cerro de el Grande environmental complex in the north central region. The San Bernardo Islands (called the turtle islands because of their unique shape, resembling a giant pair of shells) are well worth a visit. The marine life in the north of Honduras is diverse, and you may see the remarkable marine turtles here. The last tip – if you plan to travel to Central America or the Caribbean in the near future, don’t forget to bring your passport!

You can travel to Honduras via air. There are direct flights from the United States to San Juan Puerto Vallarta (Venezuela), Menorca (Honduras), and Santo Domingo (Honduras). Other airlines that fly to the country include Continental Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, and British Airways. International flights to Central America are also available from major cities in the United Kingdom, including Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, London, and Gatwick.

There is also a sea port in Honduras (called La Linea) where large cruise ships can dock. If you want to visit the rainforest and see firsthand what indigenous people call ‘muck’ and ‘reef’, then the Bay Islands is a perfect destination. These are just some of the reasons why traveling to Central America or the Caribbean can offer so many opportunities and destinations.