A Trip to Davanagere – Kerala

A Trip to Davanagere is one of the best experiences for all the tourists who visit Kerala. It is also one of the most visited temples of India. The major attractions in the vicinity of the temple are the submerging pond of Kottayam and the temple located at Periyar lake on the Vembanad Lake. The story of Kottayam has become famous among the people all over India. The story revolves that Lord Subramanya’s wife Jivanmukta went to Kottayam with her brother to meet their father.

Trip to Davanagere

There was no meeting with their father and after wasting time in the forest she went to her aunt’s house. She entered through a hole carved out in the mud, fell in love with the son of the Lord and married him. However, as she was about to bring their marriage to an end her brother entered with her and cut off her hands and feet with his sword. This ended their happiness but with the help of some deities and goddesses, they were able to find a cure for her deformity and started life again. This story revolves around the temple located at the place where Lord Subramanya took bath in the Kottayam lake in ancient times.

There is a temple at the opposite ends of the lake, which is believed to be the location of the original meeting point of the divine beings. The story is believed to have been written by an author called Nanda who was also a high priest. The story is related in the epic poem “The Ramayana” written by Kalidasa. The temple at Davanagere is believed to have been built during the reign of Ashoka the great.

You will get to see many other interesting attractions while you are on a holiday at Davanagere. If you want to know more about the temples then there are plenty of them all over the city that are dedicated to several gods and goddesses of Indian religion and mythology. The main temple of this temple is Trivandrum, where there are hundreds of statues of different deities of ancient times. There is also the temple of Ganapati who is believed to be the patron deity of this city.

In the near past there was another temple at this location, which was constructed when the former rulers of this city came to know of the evil magician known as Vrita who had performed strange acts. The people of this region were of great fear and they made arrangements for the construction of this temple so that they could defeat the magician. There are a lot of stories that narrate about the origin of this temple. One of the most interesting is that it was built after a Portuguese wars when the Portuguese soldiers came to the region to defeat the Maradines.

If you want to make the most of your holiday then you should definitely go to this place. It has a lot of things to offer visitors and they will surely fall in love with it. You can get a beautiful and comfortable houseboat that will take you around the scenic area of Dvaranagere. You will also be able to go on a boat ride that takes you to the house of Lord Ganapati. This is a must do while you are on a holiday in Kerala. Make sure you take enough time out from your holiday so that you do not miss out on visiting this place.