Travel to Imotski in Finland

Taste the authentic food and local fare during this unique culinary tour in Split. Travel to Imotski an inland region located in the foothills of the Alps Mountains, known for its striking landscape and world-class wine region. Take on a walking tour through the beautiful countryside and take a scenic ride along the river to visit Green Cathedral, the main church and beautiful art gallery. The village of Mijas and its surrounding towns are also worth exploring during the tour.

Travel to Imotski

Imotski is a popular destination for wine enthusiasts as the region boasts some of the finest wineries in Europe. Many tourists come to explore the many small vineyards which are scattered throughout the region. Popular grapes include the Basque and Chardonnay grapes. Most local wine producers make their wine from local grapes. There are many wineries and shops selling local wine, including the famous Marmaris and Riesling vineyards. The wine is carefully aged to achieve its distinctive flavour.

Croatian cuisine is unique and exotic; there are hundreds of different types of dishes. Meat is usually served on its own with potatoes and sauce, or alongside some fruit. Fish and seafood are also popular, served with traditional Croatian rice. Vegetarians and diabetics can have plenty of variety on this diet without suffering from an intolerance to dairy products or gluten.

A popular thing to do while in Imotski is to explore the region’s history. It’s believed that the Wine Market was established in the 8th century before Islam’s rise to power. The market was once a major trading post for Christians from the Turkish region. This gave rise to some of the food and drink traditions associated with this region.

Travel to Imotski is also good value for money because of its relative isolation. There’s no traffic, no large towns nearby, and no real shopping facilities nearby. It’s possible to hire a car and drive yourself to most places in the area, though you’ll probably have to pay more than you would for a cab fare in the city centre. However, the scenery around Imotski is stunning, and there are many options for sightseeing along the way.

The region has plenty of things to offer both tourists and nature lovers. Its friendly people are happy to help foreign travelers through their travel arrangements, and it’s possible to rent a villa or holiday home in one of the region’s guest houses. There are plenty of good restaurants serving many different types of food, and many of the guest houses have private pools where you can swim. There’s no reason why a trip to Imotski couldn’t be an unforgettable experience. Travel to Imotski – make sure you take a long walk after your evening meal!