Enjoy Your Holiday in Ordu

If you are looking for an exotic holiday destination in Turkey then I would suggest you consider Ordu! This stunningly beautiful resort town has been called by the world “itzerland of the East” because of its spectacular beauty and idyllic setting. Situated on the southern coast of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast the town has a population of more than 217,000 people spread out over a wide area including districts, spots and villages that are spread out along the beach and other areas that are best suited to water sports. It is here in Ordu that you can find the unique Taurus waterfall, which is made from basalt, an igneous rock that has been formed in the Paleolithic age and that was subsequently shaped into the most famous tourist attraction in the world! In fact, this waterfall is one of the main attractions of Ordu tourism. The most famous beach resorts in the area include; Javea, Babi Sari, Marmaris and others.

Attractions in Ordu

Before we move on to explore the various attractions in Ordu, let me give you some information about the typical aspects of an Ordu trip. When taking an Ordu tour, you will be transported by car to the main island, Ordu. From there you can explore the different districts of Ordu and enjoy all the different attractions in Ordu.

The primary attractions of Ordu are the Taurus Waterfalls and the Bodrum Peninsula, some of which you can explore on foot while others can be explored using the use of a tram or a boat. As you travel through the town, you will see the magnificent architecture of the region, including the Minaret of Salsiki, which is one of the most popular attractions in Ordu. At the heart of the region is the old town of Marmaris. Marmaris is home to a large resort and hotel complex that is well known for its luxurious facilities. Other attractions include theousse Beach and theidental town of Alleppey.

There are many other attractions in Ordu, like the traditional villages. These are full of traditional ways of life that will surely impress you. You will also come across exotic shops and stores where you can buy unique items. The Ketchum Lake is also a great place to go if you want to take a dip.

Ordu tours can be made more exciting by combining them with other activities. If you like horse riding, Ordu offers some of the best stables where you can ride and practice your riding skills. The Bekal Fort is an excellent tourist site and you can also learn about the history of Ordu at the museum there. While you travel around the countryside, you will come across many tea gardens, fruit orchards, waterholes and wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the most popular attractions in Ordu are like the Kanyakum Resort, the Sheraton Hotel and the K Pattaya resort.

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