Pleases in Le Havre

Pleures in Le Havre, France are a unique type of ferry ride. This is because unlike other ferries in Europe, the one in France does not head to the destination port at the end of the boat-car ferry. Instead, the journey begins at the beginning of the crossing, so the passengers do not have to get off the boat to enjoy the beautiful view across the ocean. The way the boat ferries people around the island is unique, too, in that it travels west from its starting point at Plage du Midi on the southern tip of the island, then along the shore past historic and tourist attractions, then through small villages and towns before arriving back at its destination port.

Pleaces in Le Havre

Traveling by ferry is a unique adventure, but it is even better if you can also take advantage of some of the fine amenities on board the ship. As it happens, there are two major ferry operators in town. There is Le Baladine, which also operates out of the exact same port on the other side of the island, and there is Sixtes de France, which operates from the very same port, but from its own private barge. You can choose to cruise or stay on board any of these companies’ ships. (The only thing you cannot do onboard is swim! ).

If you are looking for a unique vacation rental in this region, look no further than Le Havre. Here you will find cozy vacation rentals available for both short-term stays and longer vacations. You can find everything from apartments to villas with swimming pools, all with access to the magnificent and amazing art and architecture of the area. In fact, many of the apartments and villas offer direct beach access – perfect for family vacations. Of course, if you want more privacy, you can choose to book a private barge.

There are many popular sites in and around Le Havre. If you love taking pictures, there are a number of great places that offer a photographic trail through the surrounding area. While you are enjoying your vacation rentals, you can snap photos and learn about the culture and history of this delightful French region. The local knowledge and assistance that you receive along the way can make a priceless experience for your entire family.

If shopping and eating are important to you, these two activities are easily accessible off of the main strip. There are several independent shopping centers in the area, as well as upscale restaurants and hotels, that are sure to please. There are also a number of great bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals available in and around the area. If you would prefer to save money, you can stay at one of the hotels in the area while you explore the town below.

No matter what you would like to do and where you would like to go, there is a perfect vacation rental or private property in and around places in Le Havre. The art community continues to grow, but this city offers something for everyone. There is something here for every taste and budget. When you are planning your next vacation, consider booking some of the available vacation rentals in and around Le Havre. You will have a blast discovering the region while experiencing the best of what France has to offer!