Doctor Who – Adventures of the Tardis

Trip to Xeros

Doctor Who – Adventures of the Tardis

In the third episode of the first season of Lost Girl, Trip to Xeros is on a ship floating in the Mediterranean Sea, with many others. The ship has been transformed into a resort, and the human population that has inhabited it (including Jack) have become willing to fight for their own lives against the Others. Meanwhile, in search of a mythical ‘Island of Women’ where they can breed cheaply without any of the Others finding out, the crew of the ship starts to investigate the disappearance of twelve members of the ship’s crew, including a pregnant woman.

The third episode opens with the suggestion that something has happened to the passengers of the ship who disappeared, and the first person we see on board the ship is Counselor De Luca, who lectures Alice about the danger that is posed by the Others, as well as about how she should deal with her own feelings for Trip. The doctor is talking to an empty space inside a glass case, which contains a small child. In order to escape from the glass case, Alice places a vial inside, which creates a door between the doctor and the vial. But as the vial inside starts to leak its contents over the edge of the case, a blast of light cuts Alice short and Trip rushes to the front of the ship to find out what has happened. As Alice prepares to use the pregnancy serum to save Trip from his own life, he sees the Others preparing to land on the ship and prepare to kill the couple.

The Doctor and Alice are transported through an air tunnel on the ship, where they meet the leader of the Others, who reveals that they have come looking for the planet of Xeros, where they intend to live as a race. Before they can board the Tardis, however, the Others ignite a huge gas fire on the ship’s surface, and Trip is thrown out. Alice realises that the Others intend to use Trip as a means to escape from the planet, but they are intercepted by a group of Xeltans who arrive in force to secure the area. With only moments to take cover with the help of a blast door, Alice and Trip are forced to fight their way through the alien territory and make their way to safety.

When the crew of the Tardis discover the existence of a space station called the Maaga, they investigate it further. In the process, they discover that the inhabitants of the planet utilise an air lock to protect themselves from radiation. This makes sense, as any strong radiation would cause the inhabitants to become sterile. The natives are willing to share their world with the travellers, but warn them that the travellers need to prove they are worthy of entering the planet. To complete this task, Alice and Trip are forced to go into the planet’s atmospheric phosphere, where they meet up with the leaders of the planet, the Chardrians. The two races are at first hostile to one another, but eventually work together against the invaders.

With the help of the Maaga and the Chardrians, the travellers eventually come to the planet’s capital, Baileys, where they encounter the Doctor and his TARDIS, travellers’ time machine. Inside, they find that a mysterious space ship is blocking the passage through. When the Doctor repairs the mechanism, the ship opens, and the Doctor and his Tardis travel back to the surface of the planet to find that Alice and Trip have made new friends. While doing so, they run into the ship’s transporter and are thrown outside the capsule. Once outside, they discover that they have landed on earth, and that they are trapped inside the capsule with the others.

From the surface, the Doctor decides to reverse the polarity of the magnets, thus restoring the original atmosphere of the planet. The Tardis transports Trip and Alice into a different part of the Tardis, where they battle the Chardrians again, until finally the Doctor teleports them back to their Tardis. As the Tardis leaves the planet, a bright light appears on the planet’s horizon. Before the Doctor can stop it, the Tardis is pulled away by a massive space ship, which blasts off into space.