Travel to Nashik – A Trip Worth Remembering

Travel to Nashik

Travel to Nashik – A Trip Worth Remembering

The summer is the best time to go on a vacation to India, especially when the monsoon season is in full swing. People in India love to visit the places they have read about in books or seen in movies because of its natural beauty. Besides, it is also one of the safest tourist spots in the world. However, if you don’t have any idea about India and its tourism options, then it would be difficult for you to plan your next trip. So here are some ideas on how to make your next Indian vacation an unforgettable experience.

When planning a vacation to India, it is important to do the necessary planning well in advance. The cost of air tickets and accommodations vary depending on the destination and with different airlines. For a full-board traveler, the average cost of a seven-day stay at Nashik is about $1,382 for a single traveler, $2,086 for a couple and $4,054 for a family of four. Most vacation rentals offered by Indian resorts will cost less than this.

If you are a frequent visitor to Nashik, then there are certain things you should know about the town. Firstly, there is the famous tiger reserve called the reserves of nashik and use. The tiger reserve was shut down after many cases of poaching were reported because of the fact that the local people were scared of being hurt by the animals. So in order to maintain harmony and stop poachers in their tracks, the authorities implemented the quarantine rule which requires visitors coming from outside the state to present themselves with a valid medical certificate issued by the e-pass police commissioner.

Though the quarantine rule was strictly implemented, there were still many cases of poaching so naturally the tourism industry was affected. There is still no word on whether or not the lottery conducted by the state authorities will be continued in the state. On the other hand, if you are a lottery winner and plan to travel to Mumbai or Goa, then you will need to present yourself with a valid MTC license from the MTC offices in Mumbai. This is issued by the Mumbai Traffic Police. Also, tickets for Pune can be procured from the Pune traffic police office.

The famous international airport of Mumbai also has some connection with the city. The Indira Gandhi International Airport has terminals for both civilian and military flights. However, the Mumbai main air-show called as the “Indian Super Show” in December was canceled due to lack of foreign investors. There are some hotels located near the airport and they are being extended with new facilities such as an indoor golf course, a swimming pool and a convention center. The hotel is named as Holiday Innnasium, on account of its location near the airport.

One must remember that while on a vacation you have low disposable money and thus it is imperative to maintain proper financial planning. If you are going to spend more than what is essential, you might end up in serious trouble. Hence, before you take out your Visa/MasterCard/Reserve card or any other debit card, try to tally your daily expenses against your income. If your income exceeds your expenditure, then obviously you should have some left over funds for your expenses. If not, then you can also opt for vacation rentals in and around Nashik for your next India vacation.