Travel to Kastav, Croatia – Hot and Dry?

Croatia travel tips suggest you should consider Croatia as the ideal place to spend your summer vacation or your trip to the Adriatic. Croatia is one of those few European countries that does not get too hot during the summer. In fact, summer in Croatia can be a pleasant experience. There are many interesting things to do, both in and outside the cities and beaches, so there is certainly much to keep the tourist interested in Croatia.

Travel to Kastav

Overall weather condition in Kastav varied greatly throughout the year. Given the climate, temperatures usually feel moderate all year round, except for some extreme cold weeks in the spring, which always feel cold. The countryside is usually less temperate than many other tourist destinations world wide. The average temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit in July, but can go higher or lower depending on whether you are in the sun or not.

Average precipitation is slightly higher in the summer months (from about October), so the rainy season in Kastav may be a bit longer than usual. However, April, May, June, and September are not that wet at all, which can make those long and dry months much more enjoyable. Humidity is higher in the south (around Pula) during summer but drier (around Dubrovnik) during autumn. If you plan to visit the city, a visit to the ethnically Croatian municipalities of Sibenik and Crikvenica will give you a good idea of how different people live, especially in contrast to the more industrialized region nearby.

The best months to visit Kastav are from mid-summer to early-autumn. With the average temperature remaining in the mid-teens, July might actually be too hot! Over the past few years, there have been serious problems with flooding from nearby lakes, which has affected the townsfolk as well as the tourists. Don’t be afraid to avoid visiting these places during the summer months, as they can get extremely crowded and expensive. There is also a risk of becoming dehydrated on hot days, so you will want to stick to a cooler climate to avoid this issue.

Although July and August (the hottest months in Kastav) tend to be relatively mild, September and October (the colder months) have moderate to high humidity. A visit to the ethnically Croatian municipalities of Crikvenica and Sibenik can help you determine your humidity tolerance levels. Humidity can become quite problematic during October, due to the significant rainfall that can come into the city. Over the past several years, the weather in Kastav has gotten progressively worse, so visiting this region during any month between May and September is highly recommended.

Average temperatures are higher than they have ever been at any time of the calendar year, which is good news for those who are used to outdoor living! You should also check the forecast column for the next seven days, as the high and low precipitation possibilities will change dramatically before the end of your vacation. The chance for significant precipitation is increasing as the season progresses, and it makes predicting the rainfall more difficult. If you are visiting in May or later, there is still no better time than now to book your trip!