Fishing Adventures at St-Ours, France

Boy with fishing rod fishing in a wooden boat

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of Canada, few places can match the majestic scenery of its Island ports. Whether you are planning a summer family vacation or a more extended stay, the climate in Saint-Ours, near Cape Breton and Roulebec is ideal for both winter and summer vacations. The surrounding waters provide spectacular fishing opportunities and the island has many interesting caves, historical buildings, and other sites to see. Boats leaving for Canada can be used to explore these and other sites, as part of your overall Caribbean cruise.


One of the best ways to enjoy the Island is to take a day trip aboard a tall ship that leaves from the port. Many of these tall ships have activities and games onboard that children love. These include games such as Water Football, Water Squeeze, and Tug of War. If your boat isn’t tall enough for this type of excursion, there are also rental ferries that can take you out to sea. You’ll also find that you won’t miss the spectacular views of the islands if you visit the observation deck of a tall ship that leaves from any of the so-os ports.


Another way to enjoy the climate in Saint-Ours is to rent a watercraft that will travel through a number of the small islands and ports that make up the island. A large variety of boats and canoes are available, with some even being large enough to house an entire family. The watercraft that leaves from any of the so-os ports can be rented for a variety of events, including weddings and parties, but you may want to consider the cost of using a larger boat for a large party, when visiting this area.

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There are many companies in Saint-Ours that offer trips on many popular cruise lines. These trips include trips to many areas of the Caribbean, as well as the Caribbean itself. Cruises from Saint-Ours, offer wonderful discounts on cruises, and the activities on board are designed to make every passenger’s experience an enjoyable one.


If you are planning on taking a trip to Saint-Ours that includes trips out to other islands and ports, you may want to consider renting a vessel to take you where you want to go. Many of these charter boats offer activities on board that include sailing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and more. The captain of your boat can arrange all of the details that are best for your vacation. Private charters are also available, and these types of cruises typically last about three days.


On the day that you sail to your next port of call, don’t forget to take a moment to look at the surrounding scenery. The landscape of Saint-Ours, France offers a number of beautiful villages and towns, and each of them is filled with interesting history and culture. Once you have taken in the beauty of the area, you might even decide to visit some of the places featured on maps of Europe that have been featured in books or on films that you have seen.

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